AI Video Generation: How to Produce Stunning Content in Minutes

A list of best AI video generation tools. There are currently 3 main types of AI video generators: AI video engines, AI video editors and AI speaking avatars.
In today’s digital age, artificial intelligence is reshaping how we create. It already helps us to be more creative and work more efficiently. Every single day, we hear about new tools that use AI technology to help us do things we couldn’t do before. Just a few months ago, the idea of AI creating beautiful images on its own felt like magic. But today, the magic has expanded even further. AI has quickly advanced from static images and can now create videos and animations.
best ai video generators platforms list
Here is a list of AI video generation tools available today. There are tools that can generate videos based on the text or even take image input and transform it into a video with movements, animations, and even conversations.

Best AI Video Generators

There are currently 3 main types of ai video generators:

Video Generation Engines

Ai Video Generation Engines are tools that can create new video content based on textual description, a provided image or a provided video. Those platform do not just find relevant existing stock footage but actually create it. 

Pika Labs

Pika Labs allows you to create short videos based on text and image prompts. The videos can be about anything, from a simple story to a more complicated animation.
To get started you need to join Pika Labs Discord server. Then type in !pika to join the bot. As for now this is a completely free service. 
To generate a video :
To get good results with Pika labs, it is important to be very detailed with the text prompt and upload a good-quality image if such one is used. The better the quality of the starting image, the better the quality of the generated video will be.

Runway ML

This is one of the more advanced and impressive ai video generation tools for now. It offers various ai services. Runway ML can generate images, expand images and create smooth transitions between images. It can generate 3d textures. Runaway ml can remove backgrounds from videos, remove unwanted objects from videos and generate videos based on text or image input.
It is a premium tool, but you start with 125 free credits once you sign up. Those are good for exploration. Premium access requires annual subscription with costs that vary between $12 a month to $76/month. Different subscription plans offer a different amount of monthly credits. Each second of video generations costs 5 credits. So with the starting credits you can generate 2 minutes of video for free.  
The videos this tool currently generates are very short. To get a longer video best practice would be:
When generating a video using the image to video, you can add textual description or leave the description blank. If only an image is provided (without the description) the engine will come up with the movement on its own. Leaving it blank will usually result in higher quality. However, that will also mean you will not have control over what type of movement will be generated. 


Kaiber is another very powerful AI video generation tool. Just like Runway ML, it is not free but comes with some free credits (currently 60) when first getting started. The trial period for this engine is limited to 7 days. Premium plans vary between $5/month to $25/month. On Kaiber you can generate a video based on a text prompt or an image. The results are very impressive but look very different from what you might get from Runway ml. In Kaiber, you can also select the style of the video when you provide the text description for it. Kaiber will also let you choose the length of the video (max of 1 sec at the time of writing this post), the desired aspect ratio, the type of camera movement and more. 

Wonder Studio

While it differs from Kaiber, Runway ML or Pika Labs, this tool is equally remarkable. It can significantly simplify tasks people are currently doing. Wonder Studio is a Revolutionary AI-Powered video to CG Character Transformation Tool. With the help of this tool, you can record yourself or anyone else performing a certain action. After uploading the video to Wonder studio, it will take the footage and transform the person in the video into a CG character. In the newly created video, the CG character will perform an animation matching the one in the initial video. The newly created animated character can then be seamlessly integrated into any scene. 

Genmo AI

Another ai tool that claims to generate images from text, animation from an image or a video from a text prompt. It supposed to even generate 3d objects. Genmo has lots of potential. It is a cloud based service and users get a certain amount of fuel to use each day and that amount is free to use. However, the quality of the results you currently get with this is significantly lower than other ai video generation tool. With that said ai technology evolving in a quick pace and Genmo AI is in development. It just might be that at the moment you are reading this Genmo AI has evolved to produce much better results. 

More Ai Video Engines to Explore

What Limitations Do AI Video Engines Face?

AI video generators were only recently introduced to the public and are still in rapid development. There are things that need fixing before businesses can widely use them. Here are some of those things:

AI Video Editors

Some of the AI video generators are focused mainly on crafting an animated presentation videos based on textual description or transcript. Those editors will usually break down the description to several scenes, add text, background footage and audio to each scene. With the help of these tools, informing videos in different formats for various social platforms can be generated instantly. Unlike video generating engines that create footage from scratch, AI video editors find stock footage that fits the theme and edit the content into an engaging video.

Pictory AI

Pictory AI can take a long textual videos script and transform it into a professional-looking video. The tool will break down the script into multiple key messages and create logically arranged scenes. You can manually highlight the keywords you want to be emphasized in each scene. Pictory AI will then find a stock video or an image that fits the key message and add captions. Finally, the platform will combine all the created scenes into one engaging video. The final result can be then edited manually and there is also an option to add music and ai voiceover. This is a great way to transform existing content, such as blog posts or podcasts, into videos. It can also take an URL and create a video based on the content on the provided web address. 

Another way to use Pictory AI is to upload an existing video. The platform can create an automatic transcript and will enable you to remove parts of the video just by deleting some of the text in the transcript. The tool can also automatically remove silent moments.

Different subscription plans are available for Pictory AI. The price varies between $19 /month to $99/ month. Free trial is available and currently it lets you generate up to 3 videos, 10 min long each.


Invideo is another brilliant solution for creating videos. Just like Pictory AI it can also transform text into a video format. However, Invideo is also a traditional video editing tool. It has a lot more features than Pictory AI. Pictory AI is a straightforward and simple to use text to video ai tool. Invideo has a much more complex interface with much more tools, templates and customization options.


Lumen5 is another AI tool that enables users to create impressive videos automatically. To create a video just click o the new video button. Then select one of the many starting templates, and the desired format. Next step would be to paste in video script or an URL. After clicking generate, the AI tool will summarize the input and create a video that matches the selected template. After the video is created, you can edit the elements on each scene as you like. 

More Ai Video Editors To Explore:

Text to Speaking Avatar Tools

Speaking Avatar AI tools are ai generators that can take a photo of a person and transform it into a talking video, based on provided transcript or audio input. There are many use cases for AI-speaking avatars. These can be used to create a narrator for an online course, give a face to a faceless YouTube channel, help provide a more personal yet automated customer service, and more. Some tools will only need the text input and can add the narrator and the voice on their own. Others will be capable of converting a provided image and matching the audio. And some will do both.


D-id is one the most popular ai speaking avatar platforms. We can use it as a standalone service or as a Canva plugin. This tool comes with a big library of digital presenters. You can select one avatar from that library or upload your own image. For the voice, you can either upload your own audio or use the script area to paste in the text and then select one of the AI voices for the voiceover. Once generated, you can download the avatar video on a transparent background and add it to your videos and presentations. is another platform that can help users create videos from text, without human actors or voiceovers. This platform can create videos in 75 languages. It has a library of avatars (different for different subscription plans). Now there is also an option to create a custom speaking avatar using a photo or even make a talking cartoon avatar using an illustration.

HeyGen (formerly MOVIO)

Another text to speaking avatar platform. This one also comes with a bunch of templates for explainer videos and lots of pre-made avatars. HeyGen also offers the option to make your own avatar using an image or a more advanced way of creating a pro avatar using video recordings. 

More AI Speaking Avatar Platforms to Explore:

What Potential Benefits Do AI-Generated Videos Offer?

What are the drawbacks of using AI to generate video content?

While AI-created videos have lots of advantages, they also come with certain risks and negative aspects that need to be considered:


AI technology is getting much better and faster, especially in everything related to graphics. AI video platforms and editors have already made our creative work easier and more organized. The AI video editors and speaking avatars platform already have the power to make our work more efficient. While AI video engines have not reached the stage of entirely replacing human work, the speed at which they’re improving is remarkable. Seeing AI capabilities grow so fast, it’s becoming clear that these tools will soon be able to generate stunning results.
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