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Animation Guides was started as a personal blog providing helpful information in the field of animation, graphic design, games and apps development. Now it has become a growing source for high-quality vector graphic illustrations, informative articles, and guides.

Meet Our Team

Katia Stukota


Illustrator & CG Artist

Katia is a CG Artist, designer and illustrator who wants to share her knowledge and her works with other people. She created all of the illustrations on Animation Guides and also designed and built this website. You can find her illustrations and infographics all over the web.

Katia has a great passion for what she’s doing and puts her love into each unique art she creates. Let’s make the web to be the beautiful, inspirational and happy place with the help of these arts!

Dima Stukota


Katia’s husband, co-founder, tech nerd and geek, inspiration helper

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