Revolutionizing Vector Art: Introducing Adobe Illustrator’s AI Vector Generator

The AI revolution in Adobe Illustrator: new tools include text to vector scenes, text to vector icons, AI vector patterns, generative recolor, AI text recognition and more.

The new version of Adobe Illustrator * brings several AI features that could revolutionize how we create vector art. The feature is currently in beta, which mostly means that the results we will achieve with these vector AI tools will rapidly and significantly improve very soon.

creating vector art projects using ai generation tools in adobe illustrator
The AI features that are currently available in Adobe Illustrator are:


The retype AI feature in Adobe Illustrator can mark a significant breakthrough in graphic design. This feature can analyze a raster image and accurately recognize text elements within it. What truly sets it apart is its ability to identify and determine which specific font was used for each text area within the image. 
This means designers no longer have to struggle to guess or manually search for matching fonts in uneditable images. Another cool aspect of the retype feature is its ability to do more than just recognize fonts. It can also transform the text found within an image into live, editable text. 
retype ai tool in adobe illustrator to transform raster image into live text
This functionality opens up a world of possibilities for designers and creatives. The process of recreating or editing text elements has now become much easier and much more precise. 
Designers can now easily work with text in static raster images as if they were dealing with regular, editable text layers, thereby enhancing their creative control and streamlining the design process. It’s a game-changing capability that simplifies the manipulation of text within images, offering a more dynamic and efficient design experience.

Text to Vector

A “text to vector” feature in Adobe Illustrator works somewhat similarly to the various text-to-image AI tools. The tool takes a textual description and transforms it into an image. Unlike most current tools, the created image is not a bitmap but a vector-based one. 
What are the advantages of generating vector images?
Types of vector art that can currently be  ai generated in Adobe Illustrator:

How the process works?

Generating Vector Scenes with Text to Vector AI

The scene type in AI text to vector graphic generation can be used to generate different types of backgrounds: 

generating ai vector scenes in adobe illustrator

What are the possible adjustments?

Nature Backgrounds

ai generating nature scenes in adobe illustrator

Urban City Backgrounds

generating futuristic city scenes with vector ai in adobe illustrator

Town / Villages Backgrounds

ai generating japanese town scenes in adobe illustrator

Interior Scene Backgrounds

ai generating interior design living room scenes in adobe illustrator

Generating Vector Subject Illustrations and Icons

There are 2 options to generate illustrations without backgrounds. The selected type must be a subject or an icon. Icons will usually give cleaner and less detailed results. When generating a subject, the end result will often include more paths and colors. Although the level of details is also affected by the level of detail selected in the settings.

The settings that can be adjusted for each generation are similar to the ones described for generating the scene type.

generating car icons and subject vector ai adobe illustrator

Some prompts will result in very distinct results when switching between icon and subject. Other prompts will result in less significant differences.

Owl Illustration: Icon vs. Subject

owl icons and subject vector ai generation adobe illustrator

Butterfly logo: Icon vs. Subject

generating butterfly logo icons and subject vector ai adobe illustrator

Generating Vector Patterns

Another powerful AI vector generation feature is text to pattern. Patterns are excellent at making various design elements, such as objects and text, look more vibrant and eye-catching. Illustrator offers excellent tools for pattern creation. However, making a detailed seamless pattern manually still takes a significant amount of work and time. With the new text to pattern AI, we can generate instantly various vector patterns. We can edit each of the generated patterns just as any manually created vector pattern can. The different elements on the generated pattern can be edited, resized, recolored, repositioned and more. 

Owl Illustration: Icon vs. Subject

generating doodle patterns in adobe illustrator

Butterfly logo: Icon vs. Subject

generating fish patterns in adobe illustrator

Here is an example of how text to pattern AI feature can be used combined with text to icon AI to create birthday invitation in Adobe Illustrator:

creating birthday invitation using adobe illustrator ai tools

Generative Recolor

With the help of generative recolor in Adobe Illustrator, we can quickly generate color palettes. The tool takes a textual prompt and creates different color combinations to match it. Then just in a click any of those color palettes can be applied to an existing vector artwork.
This AI feature in Adobe Illustrator enables designers to quickly and intuitively experiment with color schemes.
ai generatove recolor in adobe illustrator

What Should Be Improved?

Adobe Illustrator’s AI tools are still in beta, so we haven’t fully experienced their true potential yet. The results we’ve seen already can make our design process faster. Yet, there are some drawbacks to the tool in its current form. Here are a few of them:


The introduction of AI tools by Adobe Illustrator marks a groundbreaking moment for vector artists. The way these AI tools work shows that we might be doing vector art and design in a unique way soon. If these vector AI tools keep getting better than quickly as other AI tools are, we can expect to be amazed by the generated results very soon. We’re in for an exciting journey that may completely transform and revolutionize design workflow.
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