How to Open and Animate a Puppet Without Buying Adobe Character Animator

Performer Mode is a free version of Adobe Character Animator that allows you to use the puppets in live streams or recordings without rigging or modifying them. Start animating right now!
We’d like to introduce you to a FREE way of running Adobe Character Animator * in the Performer Mode. Adobe company has given us special access to a prerelease beta version that allows you to record and stream your puppet performance animations using the puppets we supply and others in the app or online!
adobe character animator free player

You don’t even have to be a subscriber to Adobe Creative Cloud *. This is a unique opportunity to start animating!

Who is Adobe Character Animator Performer Mode for?

Performer Mode is for people who want to use the premade puppets in live streams or recordings without rigging or modifying them.

The Performer Mode allows the user to import the puppets into a scene and to control them via webcam, microphone, triggers and a control panel.

Why Use Performer Mode?

How to Get Performer Mode for an Adobe Character Animator?

Since it is still in prerelease testing you will need an Unlock code to configure Adobe Character Animator to work in Performer Mode. Just contact us and we will happily send it to you.


Now follow the instructions to install it:

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Vance Luke
Vance Luke
2 years ago

Id’ like to learn character animator. I have the creative cloud. I would like to make the character shapes in ai. Should I start making them in ai or download the free puppet first and experiment with it. I then want to progress to constructing an animal for a book I wrote and illustrated.

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