Amos Illustrations Pack

Set of 28 unique vector Illustrations with their character. Great for use in landing pages, mobile apps, presentations, video clips, and other projects.  

This is a modular pack. In addition to 28 pre-built scenes, it  contains separated background elements and primary illustrations that you can mix and match to create your custom scenes. 

All the components of this pack are 100% vector, re-sizable, and customizable. 

– Includes our Standard License.

– Purchase an Extended License for 99.90$.


What is included?

Full Illustrations
Primary Illustrations
Separated BG Elements
Separated Elements
fully vector resize icon

100% Vector  


easily customizable icons

Fully Customizable


future updates icon

Includes all future updates of the pack

multiple formats icon

Multiple file formats:
.svg .eps .png .ai

Full Preview

1. Say Hi

2. Run

3. Answers

4. Selfie

5. Listening to Music

6. View Stats

7. With a Giant Gift

8. Cross the River

9. Aquarium Dive

10. Dream and Fly

11. Sit and Wait

12. Send Message

13. Video Stats

8. Deep Thoughts

15. Web

8. Deep Thoughts

7. Communication

18. Web

21. Web

8. Deep Thoughts

7. Communication

7. Communication

8. Deep Thoughts

24. Web

8. Deep Thoughts

7. Communication

27. Web

28. Gift Holiday

Symbol Library

The package comes with a symbol library that makes it easy to edit and create new custom scenes.


Background Elements

Here are some examples for building custom scenes using the symbol library:

Web and Mobile Examples

1. Chase your Dreams

2. Say Hi

3. Let Life Surprise You

4. Its What You Give Others

5. Shhhh... It's a Secret

5. Shhhh... It's a Secret

6. Best Deals

7. Allow Yourself to Dream

8. Creativity is Contagious

9. Treasure is Found in Places You Least Expect

10. What Does Your Heart Say

11. Say Yes to the Universe

12. Get Your Feedback

13. Empty State

14. Track Your Stats

15. How to Get More Views?

16. It's All About the Journey

17. Sign Up to Our Mailing List

18. Start Your First Vacation

19. Explore

20. Enjoy the Music

21. Claim your Gift

22. Take a Sneak Peek

23. Surprise

24. Congratulations!

25. Sale

26. Spice Up Your Photos

27. 404 Page

28. Don't Let Anything Stop You

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