The Domes NFT

Who are the Domes?

The Domes is an ongoing collection of round-faced individuals leaving on the Ethereum Blockchain.

No two domes are alike. Each Dome has its personality, facial features, and accessories.

How the Domes Differ From Each Other?

dome nft

Learn About our Artistic Proccess

How the Domes are Created?


Each Dome is Illustrated in Adobe Illustrator and consists of 3 face views: front, right quarter, and left quarter. 


Each Dome is animated with the help of motion capture technology using Adobe Character Animator.

The Proccess

The Domes is an ongoing project. By getting a Dome you can help guide the direction of this project. You can have a say on the look and feel of newly created domes, future stages, and more.

We will document each step of creating, launching, and running this NFT project. Starting from the most basic tasks and through all the little details and more complex steps. Hopefully, this will help others with their ongoing projects.


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Gio is Minted

First Dome Influencer is gets out to test the waters.

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